Museum of Champagne wine and regional archaeology

An extraordinary château : unique collections

The Château Perrier, a historic monument and former home of champagne merchants, provides an exceptional architectural and landscape setting for the 2,000 objects on display and can also be discovered during the visit.

The collections present the wealth of cultural heritage in the region over four subjects :

1. Geology-Paleontology : the formation of the countryside and the chalky Champagne subsoil
2. Archaeology : traces left behind by humans in Champagne
3. Champagne wine : creation and history of wine in Champagne
4. Patrons and explorers of the 19th century and the Belle Époque

Walk from the central main building to the side wings, via the Château’s park and courtyard. Make the most of admiring the façades and the restored roofs, not to forget the marquetry work parquet floors and the painted and sculpted interior design. Learn more with the fun and interactive multimedia, models, games and touchscreen devices aimed at all audiences !

Practical information :